„The most difficult thing about design is to sum up meaningful things to their essence and to create simplicity.”
(Quote by Sander Pichai, CO Google, in Die ZEIT Nr. 52, 15. Dezember 2016) 

From this point of view, our design of the Spirali wardrobes can also be considered. The spiral panel is produced by the weaving of individual spirals, which are then woven into a continuous braid. This process creates cross-points of high tensile strength. Each of these cross-points can be used to hang clothes and accessories. 
Hanging could be carried out using hangers or "S" -shaped hooks. A functional and at the same time attractive attention is offered by the clip hook specially developed by us. The slightly angled and with a gentle rounding clip hook ensures an optimal hanging and a good hold. The change in its position can be made without the use of tools.
Spirali 20 270 4

Frame bronze 3 400 710

Toro 7 400 710

Spirali Classic blackline

Spirali 4.0 basicline vorne metallic

Spirali E 565 5

Spirali pure metallic 400x710

Spirali NG board mit Hutablage black 400x710

Spirali two basicline blanco 400x710

Clip II 2

Famulos blanco schrg

Topfuntersetzer alternativ 400x710